Unique Solutions to Complex Needs

Public Safety and Interoperability

When it comes to protecting your local community often we find ourselves at a compromise between what we want and what we can afford. As the world continues to go digital, analog radios are being phased out for newer, more expensive digital radio.

Fortunately, the Icom F7000 series radios solves that problem. Icom offers a variety of fully featured digital radios approved for public safety for a fraction of the cost of their competition.

The JPS gateway’s provide an inexpensive way to connect your existing analog radios to a digital network, so all the radios you are currently operating can connect your local operation to larger county or state ran groups.

Construction and Transportation

Communication with your crew and drivers are crucial for a smooth operation and ensuring safety in emergencies. Traditional radios can be a pain with their high cost and expensive licenses to run them across multiple states.

The Icom IP501H and IP501M are portable and mobile LTE radio that are a fraction of the cost of traditional radio. These eliminate the need for FCC licenses and run one of the major cell networks in America.

You may be wondering: What if my job site or route has limited cell coverage? The Icom IP730 and IP740 are a hybrid LMR, functioning as both an LTE and traditional radio, with the additional function as a gateway to other radios, being able to extend the range of each radio the more you have.

Or what if I only need communication across individual job sites? Bring a Rajant breadcrumb mobile wireless node to instantly bring Wi-Fi to your site and the Icom IP110 WLAN radio to communicate across a kilometer of range.

Schools and Safety

Protecting staff and students is a top priority while school is in session. Our solutions offer a wide range of support to keep everyone informed and secure at school.

Support hundreds of Icom IP110 WLAN radios on network and bridge multiple sites together, with the ability to connect all WLAN radios together in the district.

Facing an emergency or wanting to keep track of resources? Datalink Systems is a unique interoperability platform that allows you to visualize and track school buses on route, location of all radio, computers, and other technology. On top of that Datalink offers a security app Red Alert where students or staff can alert the security or police and send live GPS information at the same time to ensure police respond as soon as possible.