Skyler Reinert – Owner/Vice President of Sales

Skyler Reinert co-founded NobleRF in 2023. Skyler began his career in 2014 after graduating from Kansas State University with a keen understanding of many different walks of life. Growing up on a farm then transitioning to the city, he truly seeks to understand the needs of all his customers. With over 15 years in customer relations, sales, and support, Skyler’s resourcefulness and industry knowledge allows him to get his clients exactly what they need.

Caleb Wieneke – Owner/Vice President of Sales

Caleb Wieneke co-founded NobleRF in 2023 alongside Skyler Reinert and the rest of his team. He is a licensed General Contractor and earned a B.S. in Construction Science from the University of Kansas in 2014. He began his career in remodeling, and renovation through his family’s business. He has since transitioned to owning businesses of his own spanning multiple industries, including construction, telecommunications, and RF solutions. He seeks to serve every customer with integrity and honesty no matter the scenario.

Ben Housman – Regional Sales Manager

Ben Housman joined the NobleRF team in 2024. Over the course of his career he’s gained experience in MRO, customer support, sales, and account management. Ben graduated from Fort Hays State University in 2008, which was shortly followed by his move to Lawrence, KS. Since then he has grown a versatile skill set to help assist and guide customers through complex solutions.

Mike Felsen – Marketing & Sales Operations Manager

Mike Felsen joined the NobleRF team as a founding member in 2023. Mike began his career in inside sales after graduating from the University of Kansas with a Bachelors in Marketing and Sales. With prior experience as a manufacturer’s representative in the telecommunications industry, he has worked with a variety of different solutions including LMR, radio and fiber test equipment, IOT Software, and more. He is now uniquely able to tackle both marketing and sales with the customer in mind.