• Remote Monitoring —  Monitor and Analyze Network Performance  other Critical Devices such as Repeaters, RTU’s, HVAC’s, Generators, Microwaves, Batteries, and more. 
  • SitePortal ® — Web-Based Network Management System for Remote Monitoring and Management of Networks with Multi-Vendor Devices
  • SiteGate — A Secure Network Gateway that is Installed at Remote Sites to Provide a Secure Connection to Deployed Devices (batteries, generators, HVAC, microwave, etc.). 



SitePortal® is a web-based network management system (NMS) for remote monitoring and management of large-scale, complex multi-vendor DAS Networks, distributed systems, and Small Cell and Macro Networks.


Every second counts, whether you’re managing 5 or 5,000 devices.  SitePortal® has advanced remote monitoring capabilities for quick identification of issues before they grow into customer complaints or bigger problems, resulting in wasted expense, human resources, and lost revenue.  SitePortal® is easy to use, gives you full control, and provides full visibility into your environment.  Best of all, SitePortal® goes substantially beyond alarms and configuration.


SitePortal® is designed for network managers, technicians, and engineers that need a web-based network management system that is designed for complex networks.  Monitoring and managing a complex networks requires a network monitoring platform which dramatically reduces time spent chasing notifications, provides contextually-stored documents relevant to the device they are monitoring, and proactively identifies device faults before they cause outages.  SitePortal® is and advanced network monitoring solution that delivers enhanced network control while providing cost savings. 

Monitoring Options:

  • Enterprise Software – Full deployment control, customization, and configurability
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Cloud-based monitoring and maintenance
  • NOC Monitoring – C2 System’s Network Operation Center provides monitoring services



SiteGate is a secure network appliance that is installed at remote sites to provide a secure gateway connection to deployed devices (batteries, generators, HVAC, microwave, etc.).  Devices are connected to SiteGate  which provides a smart firewall. SiteGate protects the network while simultaneously gathering vital information from all connected devices. 

Increased Security

  • Firewall security of all deployed venue devices to protect private internal network and prevent unnecessary network configuration changes
  • SiteGate provides full access look and feel to outside network device web interface via a secure environment on SiteGate
  • SiteGate polls outside plant devices which is accessed by SitePortal® – no pass-through to outside plant devices
  • Easier to upgrade SiteGate for security purposes as opposed to each individual sub-devices

Access Control

  • Remote
    • Control access via multiple user accounts so only certain devices can be seen/accessed
    • Limit functionality based on user roles
  • Site
    • Control which users have access at the site

IP Address Advantages

  • One IP address required for all monitored devices at the site/venue without a need for port forwarding
  • Ability to convert multiple IPv4 and/or IPv6 devices into a single IPv6

More Efficient Updates

  • Reduce network bandwidth by only reporting changes while extracting more alarms, properties and other updates from your devices
  • Receive updates faster between SiteGate and the deployed devices to detect changes and gather information for the primary SitePortal® server instead of waiting for longer poll intervals


Utilities Monitoring

With a variety of types of equipment deployed and manufacturers across numerous sites, utilities are faced with the challenge of ensuring that customers receive continuous, uninterrupted service. In order to reach the consumer, utilities must traverse long distances and require a vast network of equipment and devices. With much infrastructure along the way, vision into it is vital.

  • Power Monitoring
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Environment Monitoring

The greatest advantage to SitePortal® is the entire network can be monitored and managed from one, easy to use interface. Capturing critical data from a multi-manufacturer equipment environment enables you to identify issues before they become big problems. With so many different types of equipment and devices, SitePortal® saves time and hassle while providing complete remote site monitoring and troubleshooting.

DAS Monitoring

Developed by C2 Systems, SitePortal® is the most robust Distributed Antenna System (DAS) monitoring software available.  Designed specifically for monitoring wireless networks, SitePortal® is currently deployed across 5,000 DAS venues and is monitoring over 24,000 remote units.

Public Safety Solutions


DAS networks rely on a variety of device types to function.  With the ability to monitor DAS equipment from all major equipment manufacturers, SitePortal® will provide you with full visibility into the health of your system and its devices.  This will ensure that the DAS is performing the way it should and alert you when it is not.  SitePortal®’s versatile capabilities provide the ability to monitor an assortment of DAS equipment including:

  • Repeaters
  • DAS Trays
  • Network equipment
  • Generators
  • Climate Control
  • Power Plants
  • Battery Backup
  • Security

C2 Systems understands that every DAS venue is unique with its own set of challenges, which is why SitePortal® was designed with versatility in mind.  SitePortal®’s features were built upon the variety of needs different environments require.  SitePortal® provides our DAS monitoring service to the most complex deployments in the following environments:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls
  • Stadiums
  • Transportation Tunnels
  • Universities

SitePortal is more than just alarm reporting. It is an advanced network monitoring & remote management system (NMS) for large-scale, distributed Public Safety Communications infrastructures and related equipment. It provides real-time information, rapid problem solving and proactive management to ensure critical network uptime.

Keeping critical communications open – whether in daily operations or for extreme emergency events demands a monitoring system that delivers continuous communications. It demands SitePortal.

SitePortal is:

  • The industry’s most robust network monitoring and management tool
  • Trusted by the world’s biggest network operators (including FirstNet’s broadband partner) and facilities managers
  • Designed to capture critical communications systems data from multi-vendor environments
  • Monitors entire environment supporting your communications network
    • RF performance
    • Backhauls
    • Environmental
    • Emergency power
    • Networking
    • HVAC
    • Generator
    • UPS
  • Integrates an unlimited number of devices for full system monitoring, management, and future proofing
  • Built-in document management system for equipment specifications, technical documents, repair notes and on-site contact information